Automotive Batteries

Midrand Midas stock the highest quality automotive batteries from globally renowned brands at the best prices. We offer free on-site installation and now, for your convenience, a delivery and fitment service anywhere in Gauteng.

If you want to try, one of the many different car battery types available on the market, you have many options to choose from and your choice will depend on your needs. Things like engine size, battery technology, cranking amps and reserve cranking power will all figure into your decision. Knowing more about the details associated with these car battery types is the surest way to make an informed decision the next time you consider purchasing the most dependable car battery for your money.


Different Battery Types

Sealed Maintenance Free Battery (SMF)

Some conventional battery specifications use the term “sealed maintenance free” to describe a battery that has a very low water loss specification. Due to the low water loss, there is no longer a requirement to top up the battery with water, and with most of these, access to the cells via a vent plug is removed.

Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)

Enhanced Flooded Batteries are an optimised and higher performance version of the conventional lead acid battery. They were developed for use in vehicles with simple automatic start/stop systems. EFB batteries have a higher number of charging cycles and have better partial and deep discharge performance compared to conventional batteries. EFB batteries are now often replacing conventional batteries due to their increased performance.

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery (AGM)

AGM batteries have very high performance and are designed to be used in high demand applications. The electrolyte in an AGM battery is absorbed into a glass mat separator. There is no free-floating acid inside the battery. The AGM battery is fully sealed with special safety valves fitted to each cell. For this reason, the AGM battery is also sometimes referred to as a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery. AGM batteries are ideal for vehicles with automatic start/stop systems, brake energy recuperation and a large number of electrical consumers.

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