Steering and Suspension

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension is made to take a knock or two. However, after driving for long enough or on badly maintained roads, your suspension is going to need some attention. Driving a vehicle with damaged suspension can cause not only an uncomfortable ride but also vibration damage to other components. If your car is making a log of ratting sounds and you can feel every bump on the road, you should look into replacing some components.

We offer:

  • Springs
  • Control arm bushes
  • Shock absorbers (KYB and Monroe)
  • Stabaliser links
  • Wheel bearings

Shock Absorbers

If the shock absorber doesn’t function properly it can change numerous operating factors for the worse. Such as a decline in the vehicles braking distance, cornering capability and tyre wear. The shock absorber is essentially a piston in a sleeve that goes up and down rapidly according to the undulation and bumps in the road. The shock absorber can move as much as 2,000 times per kilometer on a tar road and more so on a dirt road. It is only understandable that there must be some degree of wear and tear which impacts its life span.

Stabaliser Links

A stabaliser link connects several parts of your suspension that takes the punishment as you pass over potholes. Keep your suspension system running smoothly with a selection of European or Asian applications.

Control Arm Bushes

Handling problems are caused by soft, ageing or failing suspension bushes. They are used to connect the various moving components to your vehicle’s chassis, similar to that of a human joint.

Choose from a wide range of steering and suspension components to keep your vehicle operating at its best.