Electrical and Diagnostics

There is hardly any part of today’s car which does not rely on an electronics system. As vehicles become more high tech, the number of electronic components grow. These make cars safer, more comfortable, more convenient and more environmentally friendly, unless, of course, these parts start to fail. Midrand Midas stocks a full range of electrical and diagnostic components from OEM manufacturers such as FAE, Delphi and Hella.

Product range includes:

  • Oxygen sensors
  • MAP sensors
  • Exhaust pressure sensors
  • Timing and revolution sensors
  • Wheel speed sensors (ABS)
  • Oil pressure switches and transmitters
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Stop-light and reversing light switches
  • Temperature and radiator fan transmitters
  • Ignition coils
  • Ignition leads
  • Glow plugs
  • Thermostats
  • Solenoids
  • Knock sensors
  • Electric valves

We have a dedicated electrical team that are specialists in automotive electrical and we offer free diagnostic to customers who purchase sensors and electrical from us.

Tested, Calibrated Thermostats

Our thermostats are built from high quality stainless steel and copper, to resist the corrosive effects of the engine coolant. They have met or exceeded OE standards and are 100% tested and calibrated to ensure the correct opening temperature.

Full Range of Ignition Coils

To deliver quick ignition, your engine employs a high grade ignition coil to amplify the voltage of electricity supplied through your car ignition system. High quality replacement coils effectively restore or re-establish the performance and responses of your engine. Powering up with performance grade ignition coils will help your engine achieve its peak performance.