Empower Your Drive with Sabat Affordable Car Batteries

Experience the exceptional with Sabat’s Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB), meticulously designed to outshine conventional lead acid batteries. Acknowledged as a reliable, quality product that offers value for money, SABAT is a hard-working brand in terms of its ability to meet your needs.

Why Customers Choose Sabat Batteries?

Ignite Your Journey: Ignite your vehicle’s performance with Sabat EFB batteries. Crafted with precision, these batteries unlock an increased number of charging cycles and enhanced partial and deep discharge capabilities, guaranteeing consistent and dependable power.

Engineered for Start/Stop Systems: Engineered to cater to modern vehicle needs, Sabat EFB batteries are the answer to automobiles featuring automatic start/stop technology. Trust in our batteries to elevate your driving experience.

Nationwide 25 Month Warranty: You can go to any authorised dealer and get your battery replaced. Sabat has nationwide presence and dealers across the country.

Sabat Batteries supplies the OE market and has OE specification.

Midas Sabat Batteries 25 Month WarrantyMidas Sabat Batteries 25 Month Warranty Hover


Mobicred Facility Available
Free Battery Test
Free On-site Fitment
Official Authorised dealer
Nationwide 25 Month Warranty
Fitment Service Available – 15km Radius

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