Filters and Service Kits

Midrand Midas offers various filters and service kits to ensure your filtration system works to keep various components of your car clean and running smoothly. Dust, mold or sand can contribute to your filters becoming clogged. After all, that is their job: to catch dirt before it gets to your engine. It’s important to regularly check and service your vehicle to ensure its optimal performance.

We offer various filters and service kits packaged for your convenience

  • Air filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Oil filter
  • The service kit includes an oil filter, air filter, field filter, bacon filter and spark plugs.
  • The filter kit Includes – air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, oil filter

Air Filter

Are you aware that the average air filter needs to be changed yearly? Your air filter’s surface area gets clogged and gradually loses its efficiency over time, flowing less and less air until your car is literally choked. The result is poor fuel economy and sluggish performance.

Cabin Filter

The ACC Cabin Filter can get clogged after a period of time, since dirt is always present in the air. It’s recommended to replace the cabin filter after 20,000km of travel to ensure optimal vehicle comfort.

Fuel Filter

It’s advised to change your fuel filter every 2 years, or after every 30,000km of driving. By regularly checking your fuel filter, you ensure no blockages are present that limit the flow of fuel from your electric fuel pump. Unfiltered fuel may cause rapid wear to your engine components when it enters the system.

Oil Filter

An oil filter prevents contaminants from entering the oil and the wearing down of your engine. The oil pump sends oil from the oil sump and through the oil filter, which distributes it through the engine.

We only stock the best at Midrand Midas, choose from our wide range of filters from renowned OE and aftermarket suppliers for most vehicle make and models.